#FutureComms Self Assessment Tool

This tool is designed to help you make an honest assessment of your authority’s communications capability.

It uses the themes from the #FutureComms resource, which has been developed by the Local Government Association, LGcommunications, Solace and the Public Relations and Communications Association. This sets out how modern, strategic communications can help local authorities meet their ambitions and priorities.

By taking this self-assessment, you will gain an insight into areas where your organisation has strengths and where there is room for improvement. You will then be signposted to best practice resources and further information to support you with your communications.


How do I use the diagnostic?

Go to the questions page and respond to the 17 questions by stating the extent to which you agree. In some cases further statements will appear, depending on your prior response. You will be able to click on more information about the theme of each question to assist with your answer.

As you respond, results will be calculated and shown in the results page. That page will point you to case studies, tools and other documents which are most likely to be useful to you.

What will the tool tell me?

The results page will indicate your council's level of maturity with respect to different aspects of modern communications:

  • Strategy
  • Evaluation and insight
  • Campaigns
  • Communications channels

It will point you to relevant resources to help improve your communications.

How will the data be used?

You need to register and sign in to save your responses, see the results and get links to recommended resources.

The assessment is for your own personal use and will not be shared with other people in your organisation or elsewhere without your prior permission.

The LGA will perform an analysis of all responses to help us identify areas where councils might need more help.

Help and feedback

For help with registration, sign-in or using the tool, email support@esd.org.uk.

Once you have had chance to look at this tool, we would appreciate your feedback. Please send this, along with any other questions you may have, to directorofcommunications@local.gov.uk.